The holiday season is steadily closing in upon us with a vast majority of companies slowing down their activities at this time of the year.

Important reminders from Traffic Factory:

24th – 26th December – Public Holidays but Traffic Factory remains OPEN. Banks will be closed so make sure to add funds to your balance in advance.

Some Account Managers will be away over this period but replacement Account Managers will be present to help cover. Please verify the availability of your respected Account Manager over this period and to verify who will be their replacement point of contact.

Account Manager Period Away Replacement AM
Mayara 21 – 26 December Romain
Heidi 25 – 30 December Peter
Yatin 22 – 26 December Takanori
Helena 25 – 31 December Marion
Alla 25 Dec – 2 January Takanori

The Banners Review Team will be reduced so please prepare and send your banners in early for verification.

We again take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. We sincerely hope that you shall all have a great time but don’t forget; this will be a busy period for online traffic so make sure that you are fully prepared to avoid disappointment.

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