Language Targeting

Language targeting
In order to increase the CTR of your ads, we’ve added a new language targeting function for advertising slogans. You are now able to write advertising slogans in multiple languages.

This new function applies for the following content:

1. Native ads

  • Title
  • Channel/brand/product name

2. Pre-roll Video ads

  • Alternative domain name
language targeting

Our system will now display, by priority, the corresponding ad slogan to visitors who speak the same language, based on their browser language setting.

For example –
If a campaign targeting the United States is set in two languages: English and Spanish
  • Visitors whose browser language is English, will see the ad slogans written in English first;
  • Visitors whose browser language is Spanish, will see the ad slogans written in Spanish first;


Currently, on the page where the Native/Pre-roll creative is uploaded, you will find:

  • On the left side of the page, you are able to add or delete a language category;
  • On the right side of the page, you are able to write your ad slogan content in different languages.



Please refer to the following examples of multilingual countries and create a few test campaigns:

  • United States: English + Spanish
  • Canada: English + French
  • Switzerland: French + German + Italian
  • Belgium: French + Dutch + German
  • Singapore: English + Chinese


Finally, please don’t forget, you can also set multi-language targeting for these types of banners:

  • 300×100 Mobile Rectangle
  • 338×235 Square          
  • 928×244 Horizontal


Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding this new feature or any other questions about your campaigns & our platform. 

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Do you prefer russian version ? click here

know more about


In this article we want to talk about the largest country on the planet – Russia!

Despite Puritan views, Russia generates about 30 million daily impressions and traffic is only increasing. The traffic arbitrage market is growing, and so is our network.

Our goal is to help both new and already working advertisers with us to navigate this specific market with ease.

We have already written about our platform and its settings more than once.

But, we all know that repetition is the mother of learning!

Repetitio est mater studiorum!

Traffic Factory presents a 100% real-time self-service (RTB) platform where you control your budget, create your own campaigns and creatives. Our advertising formats include banners, native format and video pre-rolls. Currently, we can offer the purchase of traffic through the CPC and CPM. Our platform will allow you to manage the available targets (geo, video categories, devices) and the budget of your advertising campaigns.

The main advertising formats used for bid battles in Russia are Native, pre-roll and mobile rectangle. And this month’s hot spots include Square and Horizontal formats.

It will not be amiss to recall that when preparing creatives for Russia, do not forget to translate the texts of the banners into Russian and check the spelling 🙂

In our network we accept various types of offers. The main verticals popular in Russia are nutra, drugs for potency, dating sites, webcams, sports bets and casino …….

We should talk about the last vertical separately.

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”

Jef I. Richards

Casinos and Russia

We receive a lot of requests from gambling sites to place ads on the territory of Russia, and many are getting rejections. Online casinos are a dark business, and after The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media began to block sites advertising illegal casinos, we stopped allowing such offers in Russia.

We don’t want to lose those 30 million daily impressions? 😉

Do not despair! This prohibition does not apply to social casinos and sports betting from the Cupis list. Gambling partners do not delete us from the list!

Geography lesson

Gambling partners do not delete us from the list!

Traffic Factory refers to the international community that did not recognize the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation. Crimea remains a part of Ukraine.

Add to calendar

At the beginning of the year, we advise you to consult the Czech public holidays, as our banks accept payments according to the Czech calendar. Plan your bank transfers in advance! We all know how frustrating it is when well-running campaigns turn off due to a lack of balance in the account.


  • April 10 Friday
  • April 13 Monday
  • 1 May Friday
  • 8 May Friday
  • July 6 Monday
  • September 28 Monday
  • October 28 Wednesday
  • November 17 Tuesday
  • December 24 Thursday
  • December 25 Friday


A traditional question that worries our customers. In Russia, there are many local payment solutions. However, Traffic Factory chose the most reliable methods that are widely known in the international market.


the smallest commission

Credit Card

Ask your AM to activate this method for your account

Bank transfer

for serious players and major deposits.

And last but very important

We do everything so that our partners can contact us in a way convenient for them. Traffic Factory did not miss the lightning-fast take-off of the Telegram messenger. This application is especially popular on the Russian market. Add account manager Alla in Telegram – @AllaTF


Important Holiday Season Information – Traffic Factory

The holiday season is steadily closing in upon us with a vast majority of companies slowing down their activities at this time of the year.

Important reminders from Traffic Factory:

24th – 26th December – Public Holidays but Traffic Factory remains OPEN. Banks will be closed so make sure to add funds to your balance in advance.

Some Account Managers will be away over this period but replacement Account Managers will be present to help cover. Please verify the availability of your respected Account Manager over this period and to verify who will be their replacement point of contact.

Account Manager Period Away Replacement AM
Mayara 21 – 26 December Romain
Heidi 25 – 30 December Peter
Yatin 22 – 26 December Takanori
Helena 25 – 31 December Marion
Alla 25 Dec – 2 January Takanori

The Banners Review Team will be reduced so please prepare and send your banners in early for verification.

We again take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. We sincerely hope that you shall all have a great time but don’t forget; this will be a busy period for online traffic so make sure that you are fully prepared to avoid disappointment.