Traffic Factory is using a Real-Time Bidding system, the higher you bid, your ads will be displayed more in front and receive more traffic. The top bidder gets most of the traffic available in the country and video categories targeted, at the time of the campaign. If you are using the minimum bid during your whole campaign, most likely your ad will be displayed near the end and will receive very few impressions, which will be difficult to promote your product effectively.

We suggest using a bid that is slightly higher than the minimum bid at the early stage of your campaign, then based on the obtained traffic data, gradually increase or adjust your bids. You are able to find the minimum bid level for each GEO here:

When creating your campaign’s target, please make sure to avoid adding more than one GEO in a single target. This is because there are large differences in bid levels between different GEOs, using a single bid can be too high (even wasteful) in certain GEOs, whereas in other GEOs, your bid will be too low.

We suggest using one GEO per target, as you can add multiple targets in the same campaign. You can set an appropriate bid for each target based on the bid level of that GEO.

When setting a CPC campaign’s daily or maximum budget, please make sure to avoid using a very low budget number. (For example using 10USD while targeting the US).

This is because if you are targeting a GEO where there are a lot of traffic, our system will actively restricts the traffic sent to your campaign, in order not to overspend your budget. As a result, your campaign may not receive enough traffic to promote your product. We suggest setting a suitable budget number according to the specific situation of your target country.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Traffic Factory team

Traffic Factory平臺使用的是實時競價系統, 您使用的競價越高, 得到的流量也會越多, 廣告展示也會更靠前; 競價最高者可獲得投放期間的絕大部分流量。如果在投放全程一直使用最低競價, 您的廣告會在尾部展示, 得到的曝光數量也會非常少, 無法有效推廣您的產品。

我們建議在投放初期, 使用一個比最低競價稍高的出價, 之後根據得到的流量數據, 逐漸提高或調整您的競價。您可以在這裡查看每個國家/地區的最低競價水平:

在設定廣告的投放目標時, 請務必避免在一個目標中添加多個國家/地區, 因為不同國家/地區之間的競價水平有很大差距, 使用單一的競價會在一些地區造成浪費; 在另外一些地區的競價又會過低。
我們建議在建立您的投放目標(Target)時, 請為每個國家/地區單獨建立一個投放目標, 因為在同一個廣告系列里, 是可以添加多個投放目標的。您可以根據每個國家/地區的競價水平, 為其投放目標單獨設定一個合適的競價。

在設定廣告系列的每日預算或最大預算時, 請避免使用過低的數值 (例如每日預算10美元以下), 因為如果在您投放的地區有巨額流量 (例如北美或歐洲國家), 系統會主動限制發送到廣告的流量, 以免超出預算, 您的廣告系列可能會無法收到有效的流量用來推廣您的產品。我們建議根據投放國家的具體情況, 為其設定適合的預算數值。

如果您有任何疑問, 歡迎與我們取得聯繫。
Traffic Factory團隊

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