5 Errors to avoid …. On your Landing Page!

“How you present yourself, is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?”


– Mama Zara –

Ok, so this can be a little fickle on a personal or physical value but unfortunately for many – first impressions truly count.

This is no different when promoting or “showcasing” your campaign or promotion. Effective and compelling first impressions can be the “door-opener” for even the most terrible of products.

At Traffic Factory, our years of experience within the advertising realm have taught us many lessons with millions of campaigns having been promoted via our network. The strength of a banner is paramount as is the setup of an advertiser’s campaign in order to attract the exact audience they are to target. But we, as a Premium Advertising Network, can only do so much. 

We can bring the horse to water but we can’t force it to drink !

As an advertiser, it is up to you to then maintain the attraction of the audience. Being promised a sirloin steak to then be served up a budget- 50% fat burger patty will not help. 


The first port of call for the audience will be the LANDING PAGE of your website or promotion. Remember, first impressions count!


Here are our 5 Tips of what to avoid on your landing pages and give yourself every chance possible to gain the clients trust.

Test your URL/ Landing Page – To many, this may seem logical. But if we are pointing this out as our 1st point to avoid – trust us when we say that many advertisers do not test their URL! You work so hard for that hard earned click and then face your target audience with an Error 404 screen. The trust has gone and you can forget all about it.

Is your Landing Page true to your Creative? – How many landing pages have we visited that have absolutely nothing to do with the image/ information given in the banner? Tonnes! No one likes to feel conned and any smell of foul-play will lead to a lack of trust and an automatic click of the “Red-Cross” on the browser window. Make sure to resize your images or videos to minimise load times – no one likes to wait in the 21st century!

Does your Landing Page look Professional? – Now, do not get us wrong. Not everyone has the budget to make a high-spec, user-interactive website. But there are so many solutions available. If you truly believe in your promotion then is it not worth spending that little extra and get a pro aboard to help? Users are more and more aware of what a reputable website looks and feels like. Give yourself every chance possible and make sure you gain their trust by presenting your promotion well. 

Declutter, Too Much is Overkill – There is nothing worse than a user being greeted by a landing page with too much information, CTA buttons or flashing visuals! Perspective clients want information in a clear and precise manner. Through a structured informative build, gain and maintain their interest and present your CTA form/ button once the information has been digested. Communicate the purpose of your product/ promotion. Keep it simple, factual and subject specific! Stock images are a decent choice BUT nothing beats real original imagery of your product/ company/ promotion. When possible, use original imagery and stay as far away as possible from stock images – this can be the difference between gaining and losing trust in an instant.

Keep it Simple, Guide the User – Focus on the goal; focalise your audience on the goal! Your landing page needs to reiterate the main purpose and goal of your promotion. Guide them gently with minimal yet informative information. This should be through a systematic flow of information which ultimately leads them to a point of sign-up, to a sign-up form or a distinct CTA click – gain their confidence and do not bombard. Our most successful advertisers are seasoned at this, offer a “sample” taste of their product on their landing page to gain further interest and then present the possible options. 

Give yourself every possible chance to convert! All that hard work in setting up your advertising campaign, the inspirational process behind your banner creatives and the precise targeting of your target audience will all be for nothing if your landing page bombs !

3 things to avoid when advertising on Traffic Factory

Traffic Factory is using a Real-Time Bidding system, the higher you bid, your ads will be displayed more in front and receive more traffic. The top bidder gets most of the traffic available in the country and video categories targeted, at the time of the campaign. If you are using the minimum bid during your whole campaign, most likely your ad will be displayed near the end and will receive very few impressions, which will be difficult to promote your product effectively.

We suggest using a bid that is slightly higher than the minimum bid at the early stage of your campaign, then based on the obtained traffic data, gradually increase or adjust your bids. You are able to find the minimum bid level for each GEO here: https://main.trafficfactory.biz/min_bids

When creating your campaign’s target, please make sure to avoid adding more than one GEO in a single target. This is because there are large differences in bid levels between different GEOs, using a single bid can be too high (even wasteful) in certain GEOs, whereas in other GEOs, your bid will be too low.

We suggest using one GEO per target, as you can add multiple targets in the same campaign. You can set an appropriate bid for each target based on the bid level of that GEO.

When setting a CPC campaign’s daily or maximum budget, please make sure to avoid using a very low budget number. (For example using 10USD while targeting the US).

This is because if you are targeting a GEO where there are a lot of traffic, our system will actively restricts the traffic sent to your campaign, in order not to overspend your budget. As a result, your campaign may not receive enough traffic to promote your product. We suggest setting a suitable budget number according to the specific situation of your target country.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Traffic Factory team

Traffic Factory平臺使用的是實時競價系統, 您使用的競價越高, 得到的流量也會越多, 廣告展示也會更靠前; 競價最高者可獲得投放期間的絕大部分流量。如果在投放全程一直使用最低競價, 您的廣告會在尾部展示, 得到的曝光數量也會非常少, 無法有效推廣您的產品。

我們建議在投放初期, 使用一個比最低競價稍高的出價, 之後根據得到的流量數據, 逐漸提高或調整您的競價。您可以在這裡查看每個國家/地區的最低競價水平: https://main.trafficfactory.biz/min_bids

在設定廣告的投放目標時, 請務必避免在一個目標中添加多個國家/地區, 因為不同國家/地區之間的競價水平有很大差距, 使用單一的競價會在一些地區造成浪費; 在另外一些地區的競價又會過低。
我們建議在建立您的投放目標(Target)時, 請為每個國家/地區單獨建立一個投放目標, 因為在同一個廣告系列里, 是可以添加多個投放目標的。您可以根據每個國家/地區的競價水平, 為其投放目標單獨設定一個合適的競價。

在設定廣告系列的每日預算或最大預算時, 請避免使用過低的數值 (例如每日預算10美元以下), 因為如果在您投放的地區有巨額流量 (例如北美或歐洲國家), 系統會主動限制發送到廣告的流量, 以免超出預算, 您的廣告系列可能會無法收到有效的流量用來推廣您的產品。我們建議根據投放國家的具體情況, 為其設定適合的預算數值。

如果您有任何疑問, 歡迎與我們取得聯繫。
Traffic Factory團隊

7 Reasons Why you should sign up with Traffic Factory today! (It’s Free ?)

Everyday, our lives are made up of many different decisions. These stem from choosing which lane to get stuck in on our way to the office, to the choice of which healthy option to have for lunch or even whether sticking to that new health plan is really worth it! 


Jokes aside, our each and every decision can have a detrimental effect on how our near-future goes. Unfortunately, the “good” decisions that we make are often overlooked by the perceived “bad” ones (People are always quick to remind us of these – that’s todays society for you)


At Traffic Factory, we strongly believe … no actually we know – that by joining our network can shape the future of your product or promotion for the better. 

Here are our 7 reasons why ….


Traffic Factory is the Premium Advertising network – Yes, that’s right. Our traffic is universally renowned to be of the highest quality available. Our network users are legit and honest product buyers who TRUST in the advertising we serve – FACT.r correct audience – FACT.


Consistent Daily Users Trust Us – 205 million daily visitors WORLDWIDE. Yes, we are proud of this figure but let us say one thing … this figure is increasing from quarter to quarter. From L.A to Timbuktu – we guarantee that your campaign will be shown to your correct audience – FACT.


Publisher Websites to Die For – We hold a handful of publisher websites. True. But we are about quality over quantity. Our Publishers are at the top of their game. No other network can boast this. Our Publishers are like Messi, Lebron and Novak rolled into one – FACT.


Precise Targeting Features – The targeting we offer to advertisers is beyond precise. Limited I hear you say … Possibly but what’s the point of having hundreds of targeting features when only 10% actually work? We’re not about all the bells and whistles … what we offer GETS YOU STATISTICALLY PROVEN RESULTS. And great ones whilst we are at it. As a wise-man once said – A pig in a dress is still a pig – FACT.


Dedicated Team Worldwide – What’s the point of catering to a worldwide audience with the same fodder? Anyone with an ounce of intelligence will recognise that what you serve to somebody in Brazil may not be coherent with what you may need to serve in Japan! Our Account Managers reside worldwide to best serve our clients in their timezone, in their language and to inform them CORRECTLY of the market they are targeting – FACT.


We Keep it Low-Key – Traffic Factory is here to do business and create the best opportunities available for our advertisers. Spunking money up the wall with over-the-top lavish parties is not our thing. Being the last ones to leave parties then turning up the next day to tradeshows looking ropey? That’s not us. We continuously invest in creating the best user experience for our network users and to create the very best for our advertisers – FACT.


It’s FREE – Signing up costs nothing at Traffic Factory. Contacting our experienced Account Managers is FREE. Booking an appointment to discuss how best to use our platform to gain the best results possible for your campaigns? That’s all FREE. Initial deposits? Well, that’s NOT FREE but could possibly be the best decision you have ever invested in for the growth of your promotion.

Find out more by contacting one of our Account Managers – now that’s the best decision you have made so far in 2020! And it’s all FREE!


Do you prefer russian version ? click here

know more about


In this article we want to talk about the largest country on the planet – Russia!

Despite Puritan views, Russia generates about 30 million daily impressions and traffic is only increasing. The traffic arbitrage market is growing, and so is our network.

Our goal is to help both new and already working advertisers with us to navigate this specific market with ease.

We have already written about our platform and its settings more than once.

But, we all know that repetition is the mother of learning!

Repetitio est mater studiorum!

Traffic Factory presents a 100% real-time self-service (RTB) platform where you control your budget, create your own campaigns and creatives. Our advertising formats include banners, native format and video pre-rolls. Currently, we can offer the purchase of traffic through the CPC and CPM. Our platform will allow you to manage the available targets (geo, video categories, devices) and the budget of your advertising campaigns.

The main advertising formats used for bid battles in Russia are Native, pre-roll and mobile rectangle. And this month’s hot spots include Square and Horizontal formats.

It will not be amiss to recall that when preparing creatives for Russia, do not forget to translate the texts of the banners into Russian and check the spelling 🙂

In our network we accept various types of offers. The main verticals popular in Russia are nutra, drugs for potency, dating sites, webcams, sports bets and casino …….

We should talk about the last vertical separately.

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”

Jef I. Richards

Casinos and Russia

We receive a lot of requests from gambling sites to place ads on the territory of Russia, and many are getting rejections. Online casinos are a dark business, and after The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media began to block sites advertising illegal casinos, we stopped allowing such offers in Russia.

We don’t want to lose those 30 million daily impressions? 😉

Do not despair! This prohibition does not apply to social casinos and sports betting from the Cupis list. Gambling partners do not delete us from the list!

Geography lesson

Gambling partners do not delete us from the list!

Traffic Factory refers to the international community that did not recognize the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation. Crimea remains a part of Ukraine.

Add to calendar

At the beginning of the year, we advise you to consult the Czech public holidays, as our banks accept payments according to the Czech calendar. Plan your bank transfers in advance! We all know how frustrating it is when well-running campaigns turn off due to a lack of balance in the account.


  • April 10 Friday
  • April 13 Monday
  • 1 May Friday
  • 8 May Friday
  • July 6 Monday
  • September 28 Monday
  • October 28 Wednesday
  • November 17 Tuesday
  • December 24 Thursday
  • December 25 Friday


A traditional question that worries our customers. In Russia, there are many local payment solutions. However, Traffic Factory chose the most reliable methods that are widely known in the international market.


the smallest commission

Credit Card

Ask your AM to activate this method for your account

Bank transfer

for serious players and major deposits.

And last but very important

We do everything so that our partners can contact us in a way convenient for them. Traffic Factory did not miss the lightning-fast take-off of the Telegram messenger. This application is especially popular on the Russian market. Add account manager Alla in Telegram – @AllaTF



What is a Pre-Roll ad spot?


The PRE-ROLL spot consists of a short promotional video which is played prior to a user watching an online video. Exactly the same as you’ll find on YouTube for example. At Traffic Factory, advertisers are allowed to upload a video of up to 20 seconds of length to promote their product with a minimum video length of 6 seconds. Once a PRE-ROLL advertisement begins, users are able to skip after 6 seconds to watch their selected video.

This spot has predominantly been a huge success for a number of different verticals but the most common being to promote Cam-Model based promotions. Since mid 2019, previously unaccepted verticals such as dating and gaming verticals are now permitted at Traffic Factory.


How & Where can I create a Pre-Roll video?


Now, it goes without saying that in order to entice the user, the importance of a good and strong promotional video is paramount. The first 5 seconds are the most important to capture the users attention and we recommend the main bulk of the promotion’s information be summarized within that short space of time.


The creation of a promotional video can be costly but we are fortunate that over the years, more and more professional software has been made available to the general public. Indeed the rise of freelancers across the globe has also impacted the price of such content in a positive manner due to the competition.


Why use Pre-Roll spots?


This is pretty simple to answer – you are guaranteed that your ad will be shown to all users across our publisher network. Network users are here to watch content. Your Pre-Roll is shown prior to video content consumption! It’s a winner for the advertiser!


It should be noted that unlike the traditional tube sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion or D-Live, we do not offer those annoying mid-clip ad spots (This creates a very poor user experience).


Is the R.O.I strong?


We should warn that a spot such as Pre-Roll is generally considered at a higher price point due to the sheer views your promotion will obtain. Now, there is no guarantee that your promotion will be clicked and the user will end up on your desired landing page. That is purely left to you to make the Pre-Roll as interesting as possible and to create that desire for a user to find out more.

We bring you quality traffic; it’s up to you to make the most of it!

Pros & Cons


+ Great Visibility

+ Best visual method to showcase your promotion

+ Whether clicked or not, this a great subconscious marketing ad spot

+ Less competition from other advertisers than on other traditional ad spots





– More expensive due to high visibility


– Video creation skills needed




There are currently a host of different opportunities worldwide for this ad spot with limited competition for certain geos/ countries. Want to find out more? Get straight onto your Account Manager asap who will be more than obliged to guide you into making the best use of this ad spot and the current competition levels.

Ad Spot Opportunities January






Every start to a new year brings new and fresh opportunities and this year is even more appropriate with it being the start of a new decade.

To continue in our series of monthly Ad Spot Opportunities, this month we have closely monitored the aftermath of the end of year festive period and determined the current opportunities available on the Traffic Factory Premium network.


What is a Spot Opportunity?

To those less accustomed or new to our blog, let us explain what we mean by “Ad Spot Opportunity”.

Traffic Factory’s definition is an ad spot which potentially receives vast levels of traffic but currently has the least amount of competition. This is a combination of several factors – country, device and ad spot.

Each ad spot has a minimum bid price but the amount that you bid determines the position you obtain. Based on the principles of supply and demand, fluctuations in pricing differ due to the level of competition between advertisers for an ad spot.


Current Traffic Factory Spot Opportunities

  • Italy native
  • Russie square
  • Brazil pre roll
  • India square
  • Japan Pre roll


ITALY currently offers advertisers an excellent opportunity with the native ad spot. The NATIVE ad spot was introduced early in 2019 and has continuously grown to become an advertisers “go-to” spot. Current competition is low so you’ll be a fool not to take advantage of the increased traffic Italy is currently obtaining.


The SQUARE ad spot has always been an advertiser’s favourite due to its prominent positioning right besides viewed video content on our publishers’ websites. RUSSIA is immense and has consistently grown from month to month in traffic overview. Get those promotions ready but make sure to tailor your banners to that particular market (Language, Landing Page, etc)


INDIA also has a vast opportunity for the SQUARE ad spot. Financially, the price point is excellent for an advertiser and the volume of traffic driven from India is within the top 4 countries for our network.


BRAZIL needs no introduction, the volume of traffic is unbelievably huge. The PRE-ROLL is a guaranteed ad spot to showcase your promotion due to the sheer views available. But make sure that your videos are tailored to the market again. Take advantage now.


JAPAN has again rapidly grown since 2018 and the current PRE-ROLL competition is surprisingly less competitive than the network is accustomed to. Why is this? Simple; banners and video ads really need to be specific for Japan. There is no point in targeting Japan with a traditional English based video or banner. Do your research and deploy the maximum to create that desire for a user to click on your promotion. Once you have clocked that, the possibilities are endless with the Japanese market – mark our words!


Are you looking for a particular geo and a particular ad spot? Or do you want further information to gain an insight into the possibilities of running a campaign in a particular country? Make the most of the knowledge held by our WORLDWIDE Account Managers and be sure to reach out to them to get that advantage over the competition.

Indian market : Our advice

The Indian Market is as big as you expect! With millions of users accessing our publishers sites, we are growing everyday. You might hear that our network publisher sites are not accessible in India, but this is not fully precise. Many telecom operators such as Vodafone , Airtel etc, our publishers’ sites are working properly. It is worth noting that our traffic is increasing on our publishers’ mobile apps. Publishers’ apps work in India and thus traffic is increasing day by day with over 1 billion impressions generated daily in India. With the huge demand for high quality and competitive but inexpensive traffic in comparison to Google, Facebook etc , E-Commerce and mainstream companies have also started exploring our network traffic. An example of a mainstream success story running campaigns on our network  is Zomato, a company which has made wise use of our traffic and connected with many happy customers via our network.  

In recent years Traffic Factory has evolved as have market demands. Native banners have been introduced plus header- footer banners have been merged so every client gets an equal share of header and footer traffic. Not only this, Traffic Factory is one of the few networks which understands the requirements of their clients and provides account management in a variety of languages including Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese), Vietnamese, etc that most of the major networks do not offer.  Not restricted to a set bidding model, our advertisers have the ability to choose CPC or CPM campaign


What’s hot for indian Market : Currently, and as always,  the Mobile rectangle (300*100 size) ad spot is highly in demand for India. The Native ad spot has recently become one of the most  important zones for the Indian market as it matches with offers that users are looking for. Now, regarding the different verticals and products popular for promotion in India, male enhancement products remain popular . Nutra products (Enhancement/hair growth/weight loss)  are, overall, steadily doing well in India. However, it is worth noting that Dating verticals have good potential as we don’t see many dating advertisers for the Indian market but users are always looking for new partners to date. Pop-under inventory can be really good for gaming offers such as for Lottery and Poker. 


Please also note that our Indian traffic inventory is generated with over 90 percent mobile traffic mainly from Android, so desktop traffic is not as big a part of the traffic inventory. However, desktop traffic continues to convert well with many advertisers now looking specifically for Indian desktop traffic from our network.


Not only restricted to the Indian market, male enhancement verticals remain popular for promotion for advertisers looking to target Indian subcontinent countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc 


What can be done to get more traffic ? : This is a commonly asked question! Given that it’s now a competitive market, we as account managers have noticed that many advertisers run one campaign but then complain that they are not receiving much traffic. We recommend that they create different campaigns with multiple banners. Make use of our different banner zones such as mobile rectangle, Square, Native ads etc . Desktop pop under and desktop/ mobile preroll campaigns remain both popular and successful in achieving campaign success

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started, sign up here 


Also don’t forget, we speak 11 languages in our team 🙂 

Computer Security Day

Not a day goes by without some form of cyber security breach being exposed in the mainstream media. It increasingly appears that nobody is safe with the concerned ranging from governments, large multinational corporations to the everyday individual such as the rest of us. With our daily lives being governed by the use of the internet, personal and sensitive information is becoming easier to divert into the wrong hands with many horror stories then culminating due to insufficient security.


It goes without saying that here at Traffic Factory we believe that our publishers’ users security is paramount to the networks success and in order to create a total optimum user experience, strict measures are forever introduced and updated to maintain a full and secure experience to our publishers’ end users.

Everyone will have come across some form of attempted security breach during their internet browsing history. These can range from Phishing emails, unnecessary and unwanted program addons, the automatic downloading of unrequested features to the more recognisable browser hijack (The infamous Tech Support). New and innovative methods are constantly being churned out by those of malicious intent to obtain your information and personal documents.

Indeed, the so-called hackers/ scammers/ cheaters remain up-to-date in their methods with new ingenious ideas forever being introduced with even the most savy of security technicien having trouble to determine their legitimacy.

Numerous personal computer security technology packages exist with the likes of McAfee and Avast being confirmed pioneers in personal online security. Many overlook these security softwares as added paid extras to an already expensive investment when purchasing a new computer or electrical device but “hidden-expenses” will steadily increase if you remain unprotected. 

It should be noted that it is not strictly computers that should be protected! Hackers are aware of the rise of mobile browsing trends over the last few years and can specifically target mobile devices. ADSECURE registered a 79% rise in mobile Adware violations for the period of August 2019 – this being explained by less people taking computers on their holidays and relying on the use of their mobile internet devices!


First rule of thumb when browsing online – make sure to have an adequate security system in place with the ability to stop you from accessing dangerous files or domains that you would not necessarily be aware of.

With over 205 million worldwide daily network visits and 6 billion daily ad impressions, Traffic Factory can be seen as fair game by some in order to breach and have access to vast levels of online users. To combat this, the network has taken precautionary steps in order to adhere to Google’s ethics of online advertising. To surpass even further to show our commitment to maximum user security, many advertisers will be aware that we do not allow certain types of interactive ads that many other networks deem as “safe”. Examples of these include the popular yet incredibly annoying Push-Notification, the forever rotating ad smart-links and the incredibly dangerous Auto-Download.


It is no secret that the Pop Under campaign remains the ad spot most prized by many malicious individuals who look to create an environment of fear for the user in order to extort funds and precious financial information. Traffic Factory has cracked down hard on this side of its operation through the integration of a strict and thorough review process along with a concise full platform security system able to detect dubious content in a matter of seconds.


An integration of a full platform and network security filter has indeed proved successful and has been instrumental in maintaining the quality of our network traffic. 

Those unfortunate examples of ransomware campaigns have been cut down by close to 50% and the amount of violations per 1000 campaigns has dramatically decreased by 57%.

Anyone serious about their online security and wanting to take extra added measures to secure both their clients and advertisers should look  nop further than recognised industry professionals. ADSECURE are an exemplary and security conscious team that provide a precious security overview to those involved in online advertising. Their breadth and depth of scans are incredible with no stone being left unturned in a full and systematically analysis of every campaign and landing page available. 

If you are looking to get further information into the different methods of securing your online traffic or by making the most of the comprehensible knowledge of true industry professionals, then look no further than the ADSECURE Blog. Packed full of industry specific information, current online security trends and informative methods in continuing the ongoing battle against Cyber-Crime; this is your go-to guide if you are serious about your security!

Engaging with the US audience – How not to fail miserably ….

ENGAGING WITH A U.S AUDIENCE - (How not to fail miserably)

Not a day goes by without members of Traffic Factory being solicited by numerous requests for advertiser accounts targeting North America. Even though this surge in prospective advertisers is a testimony to our network and the sheer high-quality of our traffic, it also demonstrates the advertiser’s desire to target the USA and other North American territories.  

But as demonstrated in Part I of our previous article, running a campaign in North America does not automatically equal success. To be honest, many more campaigns fail miserably in comparison to those success stories that so many portray on their social media feeds.

The importance of this article is to give a few basic campaign management tips and basic logical knowledge to the smaller advertiser who is looking to take a serious plunge into the North American traffic pool … and not bomb from the get-go!

Beauty is not on the inside; it truly is skin-deep…

Many grow up being told that beauty does not matter and that real beauty is on the inside.

Well we are sorry to rubbish those parental views, possibly used to motivate those less esthetically pleasing, but in advertising; initial beauty and attraction is paramount!

Yes we are talking about creatives and banners. Everyday we see the same banners being rehashed out by numerous affiliates and advertisers. The number of “clever” advertisers who rip off/ steal other advertiser’s banners and simply add their logo is incredible! 

If you have no creativity or originality then leave your banner creation to others who are more skilled in that domain. Numerous companies offer banner services such as “Banners&Landers”, there are numerous freelancer sites! A decent banner created by somebody with an eye to detail and harmony WILL make the difference.

Google Translate is s***...

We could pen a whole article about the importance of using CORRECT ENGLISH in your creatives. Or by demonstrating poorly phrased English written banners. There are so many that the comedy value is now starting to wear thin.

Would you really place your faith and trust in a product where the actual banner/ landing page is poorly worded? Do you think all those lonely and single women, continuously used in banners, are behind such poor English? 

Use your intelligence!! 


A quick translation by a freelance translator, whose origins stem from your target country, will make all the difference. This is purely for cultural value and it gives a more familiar tone to your creative/ promotion which in turn will increase the consumer’s chance of taking the risk on your promotion.

"We always see the same ads …"

Stop moaning and put your money where your mouth is!

Every trade show, we are greeted by numerous advertisers/ affiliates bragging about spending $X monthly on different networks. That’s fantastic news and we are glad that you feel it necessary to swing your “fictional” financial prowess about! These same advertisers then begin campaigns targeting the USA …. But with limited (to non-existent) daily max budgets!! 

You’re going to get nowhere!

“We always see the same ads” – Well that’s because those advertisers play the game right, have a budget and make the most by optimising their campaigns the right way. Remember, affiliate marketing is for the long-haul!! No overnight success stories here but like everything in life, sheer hard work, intelligence and knowledge will help in getting you on that winning route.

"I want Pops Ad spot …"

If we were to get $1 every time this was asked, especially in badly phrased English, most of the TF team would not be in the cold of Europe!! 

The infamous Pop-Under ad spot… The most popular ad spot for those with malicious intent towards the network.

Look … Pop-Under campaigns are not granted to everyone! They certainly do not fit the bill for all types of verticals. The cost is pretty high in comparison to other ad spots, the ROI virtually non-existent unless you are in the game for the long-haul and are promoting a rock-solid promotion. 


Do not ask for Pop-Under campaigns unless you are ready to put the respective budget aside. 


The volume is high, the quality excellent but can you afford to wait for that return ROI?. Our account managers are aware of what works and what doesn’t for Pops, please do not ask for Pops unless your promotion is solid and that you have the budget to match!

Please note: The malicious blocking of a browser, displaying poorly vectored yet reputable company logos, worded in terrible English with a telephone number to call for assistance which in turn is then answered by an “accent-laden” man called Dave from California – this is not Pop-under Campaign material and is certainly not intended for promotion on the Traffic Factory network.

Make it credible ...

Do you actually believe in your promotion? Would you personally use that pill made from X-Y-Z to cure your frailing libido? No, we wouldn’t either and neither will the consumer. 


Most users, let alone North American users, are able to see straight through the lies and have the ability to make or break a campaign. Certain verticals are tried and tested bench-markers who have gained the confidence of the user through their intelligent marketing, quality of product and especially the faith that their product works. It is not a crime to take a look at these campaigns and promotions. See where they are doing well and where they are succeeding in retaining the user. 

If their promotions are still visible and going strong; this undeniably equates to the fact that their campaigns and promotions are strong. Make sure to see what others are doing and how they are promoting. Take the best from others on the Traffic Factory network, mix it up a little into your style and then tailor your campaign preferences to suit your target audience!


After a short break over the Summer months, we are back to advise our beloved advertisers of the current Spot Opportunities that you may not have taken advantage of. Indeed our fresh algorithm has now been running for close to 3 months with many changes to take into account.


What is a “Spot Opportunity”?

Traffic Factory’s definition is an ad spot which potentially receives vast levels of traffic but currently has the least amount of competition. This is a combination of several factors – country, device and ad spot.

Each ad spot has a minimum bid price but the amount that you bid determines the position you obtain. Based on the principles of supply and demand, fluctuations in pricing differ due to the level of competition between advertisers for an ad spot.

So, for the run up to All Hallows , what do we have to offer?


Current Traffic Factory Spot Opportunities
















A real mix of different countries to target with some frighteningly superb ad spots to take advantage of.


The POP-UNDER ad spot is one of the most in demand spots available across our network for all countries; so to find 2 countries with such an ad spot opportunity is rare to say the very least. It is no secret that BRAZIL is one of the largest sources of traffic for the Traffic Factory network. Add to this that Brazil currently holds one of the world’s strongest emerging economies, if your promotion is right then this could potentially be an advertiser’s goldmine.

ITALY currently offers advertisers an excellent reach to a lucrative audience via the same POP-UNDER ad spot. Indeed, Italy’s economy had its tough moments in the last decade (Who didn’t?) but the Italians are again starting to show us all a smile with an increase in their financial potential and a 10% increase of traffic on our network.


PROXY traffic is starting to become an advertisers favourite geo to target since its introduction to our network during the 2nd quarter of 2019. Many advertisers feel that this ad spot is of no relevance due to the VPN nature of this worldwide traffic. Indeed, certain blacklisted countries access the network via the use of different VPNs but in today’s security conscious society, more and more users are systematically using VPN services for all their internet usage. The MOBILE RECTANGLE is arguably one of the networks strongest and most converting ad spots so be sure to run tests and prepare to be happily surprised byt the results that will follow!


The NATIVE ad spot was introduced early in 2019 and has continuously grown to become an advertisers “go-to” spot. To many, EGYPT could potentially be a surprise addition but trust us when we say that the traffic levels are HUGE… The minimum bids for this geo are low for all advertisers whatever their budget. With an average of over 13million daily native impressions for Egypt, you the advertiser are losing money by not investing on this geo.


Finally, GERMANY and the SQUARE ad spot currently holds an excellent opportunity for the Deutsche speaking advertiser. There is absolutely no need to reiterate the strength of the German economy nor the financial capabilities that the average GERMAN resident holds. The SQUARE ad spot is highly visible, being located just to the right to the users viewing content and dictates a significantly successful CTR. If your promotion holds a high conversion rate and is geared towards the DEUTSCHE market, then think no further as this will be perfect to gain potentially lucrative commissions and sales.


Are you looking for a particular geo and a particular ad spot? Or do you want further information to gain an insight into the possibilities of running a campaign in a particular country? Make the most of the knowledge held by our WORLDWIDE Account Managers and be sure to reach out to them to get that advantage over the competition.