It was a long year, full of changes, growth, and success!
In this video, you will find a short story of our 2018 together.

Our video features:

  • Our contests including the TF World Tour & our Halloween contest
  • The numerous features that have been added to the platform including CPM Custom Frequency Cap, Duplication Tools, Geo-Fencing for local offers, banners in mp4 format, etc
  • A recap of new services such as a Dedicated Review Team, New Tutorials in both classic & video format and our new marketing materials. 
  • Our numerous appearances at Trade Shows across the globe including European Summit in Lisbon, Web Master Access in Amsterdam as well as Affiliate World in Bangkok.


We thank you for making 2018 the success that it proved to be!

Let’s keep making this story last long and making the best for both sides!

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