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With the midway point of 2019 readily approaching, we can’t say that we haven’t been busy since the turn of the year.

Many changes have been implemented on our platform with many new features and adjustments having been introduced.

We began with the return of Gaming and Dating offers being made available for both Pop-Under and Pre-roll ad spots. The reaction has been astounding with many of our advertisers jumping at the opportunity of these highly lucrative spots.

Carrying on from this, the month of March saw the implementation of a new frequency cap, a new button for Pre-roll ad spots and the obvious success story that is the Native ad spot. Both Japan and Indian target categories have been added to our arsenal and the most recent addition, our brand new dashboard display for all advertisers at Traffic Factory.

So why are we repeating the obvious when most of our readers will already be aware of all of this?

Simple! Because we listen and pay attention to what the affiliate community has to say.

The good guys over at STM FORUM somehow found the time to collect valuable insights from the affiliate marketing community’s most powerful players. Being the generous souls that they are, they have compiled a concise report with over 200 pages covering all angles imaginable!

The guide makes brilliant reading and has helped Traffic Factory in gaining further knowledge of what our peers have to say and what to predict for 2019.

It sure has helped to gain a different perspective of current issues whilst guiding us to make the necessary decisions on how to continuously improve our operation here at Traffic Factory.

This is sure to help all levels of the affiliate marketing world.

Be sure to find the time to learn from the industry’s finest whilst gaining an advantage for the many different verticals currently available to promote.

Take our word for it; you won’t be disappointed!

Download your PDF copy here, learn from the best and watch your campaigns grow with success!

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