Unless you are a complete beginner within the worlds of marketing and advertising, you will most probably have heard of Direct and Indirect Marketing. But what are these types of marketing? How do they differ from each other and which method is most effective? The aim of this article is to introduce those unaccustomed to both forms of marketing, to demonstrate their differences, to show how both operate and how they can become effective towards your campaign.

What is Direct Marketing ?

Simply put, Direct marketing is when you as an advertiser have full control of your campaign and have no assistance. An established advertiser, with experience, will opt for a direct marketing campaign as they have the knowledge of what is expected of a successful campaign.

What is Indirect Marketing

In comparison, Indirect Marketing involves the use of a Media Buyer or Media Buying company. The advertiser will allow full reign of their campaign to be organized and managed by the Media Buyer in exchange of a commission for the work undertaken.

Characteristics of each Model

Using the Direct approach, you will be fully responsible for the entire advertising campaign. You will have to:
  • Design and create your banner(s) to best compliment your campaign.
  • Choose the type of campaign (CPC or CPM) and adjust specific parameters to target your audience
  • Decide which platform within the network is best suited to your campaign
  • Set and adjust your bids prior to and during the campaign
  • Make use of the statistics to evaluate the success of your campaign and adjust if necessary.
Decide your campaign type
Design your banner(s)
Setup your campaign & all parameters
Set Budget and Bid Amounts
Begin your campaign
Evaluate the statistics and amend your campaign, bid amounts and parameters.
Though using an Indirect Marketing approach, you will have to:
  • Brief the Media Buyer about your campaign (Target Audience, Aim of Campaign, Budget Allocation)
  • The Media Buyer will then decide how best to promote your campaign following the type of offer, target audience, campaign budget and the length of the run.
  • Media Buyer sets up the campaign and manages it for the advertiser
  • Evaluation at the end of the campaign and commission paid to media Buyer
Brief Media Buyer about your product / service / company
Media Buyer assesses Campaign Aim, Target Audience & Budget
Media Buyer organizes and runs the campaign (Campaign setup, banner creation, budget control
Advertiser and Media Buyer evaluate campaign success and Commission is Paid to media Buyer

Pros & Cons of each Method

With Direct Marketing, there will be a need for:
  • A good knowledge of online advertising and how the platform works
  • Being able to create strong and precise banners
  • Being able to evaluate the real-time statistics and make adjustments to your bids and campaign as it evolves
Pros Cons
Full total control of your Campaign Prior knowledge to online marketing and our platform is necessary
Full control of Budget Spend No insider information on how to better succeed with your campaign.
Management of campaign is more flexible and personal A greater amount of work is needed
Great for beginners who are willing to take the time to get trained through the use of our tutorials and free training sessions Possible budget waste due to incorrect targeting for ad

For Indirect Marketing:

Being able to convey your aim to the Media Buyer
Pros Cons
An ‘insight” experience of how to best achieve results for future campaigns Less budget control
Media Buyer’s knowledge will allow a more precise and quicker interaction with your target audience Commission based service
Less work, less stress Less flexible and less personal approach

When to Use Direct & Indirect Marketing?

Use Direct Marketing if:

  • You are an established advertiser with prior experience and feel confident of running a successful campaign
  • If you are accustomed to our platform and know how to best achieve results with our multitude of options.
  • You wish for a more flexible and personal management of your campaign
  • You are a beginner and you want to take the time to train yourself up via our tutorials and free training sessions.

Use Indirect Marketing if:

  • You wish to have an experience of what online advertising involves (How to create banners successful for your particular campaign)
  • If you are new to online advertising and can’t afford to make waste of what budget is at your disposal.
  • You wish to know exactly how using our campaign options can better your campaign.
  • You have a tighter budget as the media Buyer will be able to make the best use of your budget according to your campaign criteria and make better use of the funds available.

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