New Reservation Process – Tips & Tricks

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Following the recent launch of Traffic Factory’s new reservation process, we’ve decided to compile a list of Tips & Tricks for you to get the best out of this feature.


How reservation prices work?

As explained in our previous article, the new format is based around the principals of a “blind-auction”

The prices shown are calculated by taking the average eCPM from the last 7 days of a particular ad spot and by adding a slight increase. This indicates the minimum price to bid for that spot. 

Upon placing your inquiry for the specific position, an estimated number of impressions will be calculated.


What if the number of estimated impressions is different during the campaign?

If you receive less impressions than estimated, the difference will be automatically re-credited to your balance at the end of the period.

On the other hand, if you receive more impressions than originally estimated, the reservation will be stopped earlier than previously defined. In this way, your budget will always be respected.

It is important to make sure that your account balance has the sufficient funds available.

To verify, check debit / credit here:
section “Spot Reservation Operations”


  • Do not bid too strong as this will significantly increase prices in general
  • Use the reservation process wisely! Do not solely use reservations for your campaigns to get a chance to decrease prices
  • Check carefully and monitor what positions have better prices
  • We recommend bidding higher than the price shown for an ad spot as, what is shown, will be the minimum price for that spot based on the previous 7 days eCPM.
  • The system is based on a supply & demand model. Eg. If the demand is high, lower ad positions (Such as position 10) may become more expensive than higher positioned spots (Position 7)
  • If a reservation spot is really needed, we recommend you target several positions to avoid being disappointed due to having been outbid. The more positions you target, the better your chance to secure a spot!
  • Run tests with regular CPM campaigns first to figure out which positions work the best for your offer. If geo is too highly reserved, run tests using the reservation system to see the potential.
  • Make sure that your landing page/billing system/tracking system, etc… work perfectly before starting any reservation. Once started, a reservation can’t be stopped!
  • Make sure to display pre-tested banners for your reservation to ensure you obtain a decent CTR
  • To guarantee the win of a particular auction, calculate the average daily spend that your campaign will cost. The higher the daily average spend, the greater your chance of obtaining that spot.


Advertiser 1 makes a reservation of $700 for 7 days = $100 daily

Advertiser 2 makes a reservation of $600 for 3 days = $200 daily

Advertiser 2 will get the reservation

You’ve not got hold of our tutorial for this new reservation process? View and download it here!